A Storied Past & Promising Future

Rich in history, Rock Spring is embarking upon an exciting new chapter, welcoming contemporary generations to experience her charm.

Historically part of the Fairfax Land Grant by King Charles II of England in 1660, the property was conveyed to James Hendricks around 1762. Hendricks subdivided the large estate into three tracts for his children upon his death in 1795, formally establishing this historic farmstead. James Hendricks, Jr. built the original Rock Spring farmhouse and lived on this portion of the estate until 1831, when he sold the farm to John Snyder.

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Snyder family added on to Rock Spring and built the springhouse and additional outbuildings, giving them their appearance today. The estate experienced dark days during the Civil War and Reconstruction, but was passed down through the Snyder family for generations until the current 12+ acres and buildings were sold in 1993.

The Rock Spring farmhouse and associated outbuildings were entered into the National Registry of Historic Places in 2007 by then-owner Stephen Skinner, who meticulously cared for the property until 2020.

The buildings feature a number of rare architectural details, including hand-carved fireplace mantelpieces, unique staircases, and a highly unusual “squirrel-tail” bake oven. The grounds include a geometric boxwood garden, a seasonal pond, and acres of pastures.

For a detailed history of the property and its unique architectural elements, please explore the National Register of Historic Places certification.

Opening Our Doors to You

After 225 years as a private residence and working farmstead, Rock Spring has opened her doors to guests, welcoming them to escape, celebrate, and connect in the peaceful countryside of West Virginia. We hope you, too, can experience the magic of this special place.

As avid travelers and hosts, current owners Tom Clark and Walt Cain bring more than a decade of experience in hospitality and events to this gorgeous estate’s next chapter. We are excited to curate a special experience for you and help you build lasting memories at Rock Spring.